About this Blog

Hi! You have reached my personal blog, it´s nice to have you here.

I'm Marco, and - believe it or not -  I have fun working with data. We are living in a very exciting time, where more and more data are becoming available through the web. I feel excited about getting it, crunching it, and potentially find a story behind those data.

I started this blog at the beginning of 2013, while attending a massive online course on Statistics. I was asked to reproduce and share my data analysis results with other students, as a way to learn from each others. What a better way than a blog?

The course ended, but well...the spirit of this blog keeps being the same: reproduce my little piece of expertise I gain every day with data, and share it back with the world.

Most often, I talk about web analytics (my core area of expertise), but I also like to post about other developments in the world of analytics, or simply take a data set and try to explore it with my favourite tool (I love R).

More about me & my professional experience

I am based in Buenos Aires, and currently work as Senior Digital Analyst @Intellignos , the premiere Latin American firm exclusively dedicated to Business Intelligence and Digital Analytics.

I have a Web Analytics Practitioner Certification from Market Motive (A.Kaushik) and solid Data Analysis foundations gained through different challenging projects.

I have a BA in Marketing and a Msc in International Business both obtained from Ca' Foscari University of Venice (Italy).

With respect to data analysis tools, I am quite open-minded and always keen to explore new ones. However, I mainly work with:

I strongly believe in continuous learning and am always looking for free-quality (yes it´s possible to get both) analytics education. Feel free to recommend new education opportunities here.

I hope you find the blog to be of value and I appreciate any feedback, critique or guidance that will encourage me to learn new things.

Thanks again for being here, and I hope you will have fun!

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